How to write to an excel sheet in specified columns only.

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Hi I am using xlswrite(); to write my variable into excel sheet it works perfect but it writes my variable in the first row where as iw ant to write it in my first column and then i have another variable i want to write it in second column. Say for example my first variab is x-axisCordinates i do this xlswrite('testdata',x-axisCordinates) it write all the data in first row where as i wanted it in to be in the first column. Secondly after writing this i have another variable call y-axisCordinates i want to write it in the second column now. Thanks anyways Regards

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Yao Li
Yao Li on 21 May 2014
1. xlswrite('testdata',x-axisCordinates') ,"'" to convert to a nx1 array
2. You can specify the range ('C1:C5')

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