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Right click anywhere messes up Matlab display

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Michael on 15 Sep 2014
Commented: Michael on 15 May 2015
Hello! I recently installed R2014a on a new Windows 8.1 machine, and I am running MatLab with an external display attached (VGA). Whenever I open the context menu -- whether in the main window or, say, in the editor -- it resets the size of ALL Matlab windows to a small corner of the active screen, all text becomes tiny and unreadable, and the only way to revert is to restart MatLab. The issue ONLY appears with an external monitor attached.
Incidentally, if this is of any help, this same weird tiny screen-in-a-corner effect appears when I use screen capture capability of Microsoft OneNote. Normally it dims the screen and lets you select a region to capture; but with an external monitor attached, on each of the two screens a dimmed and smaller copy appears only in a corner - the same corner where the MatLab window ends up. Seems like it's an OS issue, something about the handling of the display size/resolution. Any suggestions, or should I take this up with Microsoft?
Thank you!

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Star Strider
Star Strider on 15 Sep 2014
Some Win 8.1 video drivers may still be having problems. If you haven’t already, be sure you have all the latest drivers, preferably directly from the card manufacturer’s site. Don’t assume that because your machine is new, all the drivers are up to date. (If you have an HP, the ‘HP Utility Center’ should take care of this for you.)

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Bora Eryilmaz
Bora Eryilmaz on 5 May 2015
There is a workaround now available in R2015a release of MATLAB that partially resolves the issues with blurriness and resizing of the MATLAB Desktop on Windows platform. The workaround patch can be downloaded from Bug Report ID 1054442.


Michael on 5 May 2015
Thank you, Bora. I'll try upgrading to 2015a and apply that patch. Will report on the results!
Michael on 15 May 2015
Upgrade to 2015a indeed solved the problem. And the graphics are so much prettier! Thanks.

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