Can I comment only a section or part of a line?

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Example of what I wish to do:
plot(x1,y1,{comment only inside brackets},x2,y2);
Is there any way to comment only specific parts of a line of code/text while the rest stays uncommented?
Also /* */ only seems to work on c code not on all text, and I wish to do this as I showed above on a plot.
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Guilherme Caseiro
Guilherme Caseiro on 2 Apr 2022
Thanks all of you for answering so quickly. Sadly I really wanted all in one line, but the option you guys gave me serves perfectly fine.

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 2 Apr 2022
Edited: Jan on 2 Apr 2022
No, this is not possible in Matlab.
It would be dangerous also, because it could move some code on the right side of the line out of the editor window.
The correct way in your case:
plot(x1,y1, ... % comment here

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Voss on 2 Apr 2022
I think the best you can do is this:
plot(x1,y1, ...{comment only inside brackets},

Alan Stevens
Alan Stevens on 2 Apr 2022
Like this:
x = linspace(0,2*pi,100);
y1 = sin(x);
y2 = cos(x);
plot(x,y1,... % comment


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