How to use cell indexes into a matrix?

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Ibrahs on 17 Aug 2022
Commented: Ibrahs on 18 Aug 2022
Hi everyone
I have indices as cells such as A{:,:}= {A1=1x212 double, A2= 1x218 double, A3= 1x216 double, A4=1x218 double};
and a Matrix B (j,t) where rows j=j1, j2, j3, j4 and columns t has to vary in function of rows of each elements of A;
I would like to have a cell array C that is a result from the combination of each row of B and each element of indexes A such as
C={B(j1,A1); B(j2,A2); B(j3,A3); B(j4,A4)}
Would anyone help me to fix that issue? Thank you.

Accepted Answer

Jan on 18 Aug 2022
Edited: Jan on 18 Aug 2022
Would this trivial method solve your needs?
C = {B(j(1), A{1}); B(j(2), A{2}); B(j(3), A{3}); B(j(4), A{4})}
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Ibrahs on 18 Aug 2022
thank you, this works. I also found a solution using a loop.

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