Is it possible to programmatically check whether MATLAB has been started with the "-sd" option?

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I have a program that needs to behave differently depending on whether MATLAB was started with the "-sd" option (sets initial working folder) or not. However, I cannot determine a way to programmatically check this.
dpb on 18 Sep 2022
TMW hasn't provided a link to the command line -- I see a couple alternatives...(I've not tried either, just possible approaches that come to mind at the moment).
  1. Use a batch file containing the startup command and have it set an environment variable that startup.m can check, or
  2. Write a mex command that returns the command line and use the -r option to dispatch it. I don't know that this will work or not...

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Accepted Answer

Jan on 18 Sep 2022
PID = feature('getpid');
[status, out] = system(sprintf('ps -p %d -o args', PID))
status = 0
out =
'COMMAND /MATLAB/bin/glnxa64/mvm/MATLAB -r setupcomputeserver -softwareopengl -desktop -appendlogfile /var/mlsedu/log/matlab.log '
Parsing the char vector out is not trival: E.g. he name of the logfile might contain the substring ' -sd '. Will masking substrings included in double quotes avoid such troubles?
Alternatively you can avoid -sd but use a dedicated function instead:
matlab -r "cd('/your/folder')"
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Andre Zeug
Andre Zeug on 20 Sep 2022
PID = feature('getpid');
[status, out] = system(sprintf('ps -p %d -o args', PID))
works excellent under Linux, but the windows equivalent
PID = feature('getpid');
[status, out] = system(sprintf('tasklist /FI "PID eq %d"', PID))
does not provide arguments.
matlab -r "cd('/your/folder')"
is an excellent Workaround.

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