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How to save multiple vector signals in one variable using wavelet Denoising?

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for i = 1:60;
x = y(i,:) ;
F = wden(x,'rigrsure','s','mln',5,'db5');
%It only save the last filterd signal in the variable (F) and I need it to save all of the filterd signals.

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KALYAN ACHARJYA le 19 Sep 2022
F data can be store in cell array.
for i = 1:60;
x = y(i,:) ;
F{i}= wden(x,'rigrsure','s','mln',5,'db5');
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Mustafa Mustafa
Mustafa Mustafa le 19 Sep 2022
Thanks a lot it worked, I appreciate it very much 💛
Mustafa Mustafa
Mustafa Mustafa le 20 Sep 2022
% I want to do feature extraction for signals and then apply ANN classification on them,, can you help please?
Fs = 50; sf = waveletScattering('SignalLength', 4950, 'SamplingFrequency', Fs) ;
s = cell(120,1); parfor j = 1:120; r = featureMatrix(sf, f(j, :)) ; s{j, 1} = r; end
h = cell2mat(s) ; b = cell2table(s) ; c = table2dataset(b);
%the single signal was in one row, but after this it becomes 202rows×10columns, and I can't apply ANN like this Any ideas?

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