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Creating rainbow coloured plots in 3d

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Ganesh Aravind .S.E
Ganesh Aravind .S.E le 12 Nov 2022
Modifié(e) : DGM le 12 Nov 2022
I have values of z varying with respect to x, for various values of y. I've plotted them in 3d using plot3 command. I want to colour them in terms of their z values, as in like highest with the red, lowest with blue, similar to the image attached. Please help!
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Star Strider
Star Strider le 12 Nov 2022
The turbo colormap most closely matches the visible spectrum.

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Karim le 12 Nov 2022
This can be done with the patch command, see below for a demonstration
numPoints = 100;
% create a random line
Grid = zeros(numPoints,3);
Grid(:,1) = 10 * cos( 1:numPoints);
Grid(:,2) = 10 * sin( 1:numPoints);
Grid(:,3) = 1:numPoints;
% define some metric to determine the color
MyColor = sqrt( sum(Grid.^2 ,2) );
% create a connectivity matrix
Faces = [1:(numPoints-1); 2:numPoints]';
% create the figure
patch('Faces', Faces ,'Vertices', Grid ,'FaceColor', 'none', 'FaceVertexCData', MyColor ,'EdgeColor','interp' ,'LineWidth',5);
colormap jet
caxis([min(MyColor) max(MyColor)])
c = colorbar;
c.Label.String = 'Some Metric [-]';
axis equal

DGM le 12 Nov 2022
Modifié(e) : DGM le 12 Nov 2022
One common way to do this is by using a scatter plot. Unlike plot() or plot3(), scatter() and scatter3() can have their markers colormapped.
x = linspace(1,10,500);
y = 10*sin(0.5*x);
z = 0.1*x.^2;
axis equal
grid on
... but since there are no lines drawn between markers, you need enough point density that it appears as a solid line. If your data is not dense enough for satisfactory appearance, you may have to create an interpolated copy for the purpose of creating the plot.
% only 50 points
x = linspace(1,10,50);
y = 10*sin(0.5*x);
z = 0.1*x.^2;
% create interpolated copies
np = linspace(1,numel(x),numel(x)*10); % 500 points
xp = interp1(x,np);
yp = interp1(y,np);
zp = interp1(z,np);
axis equal
grid on
In 2D, you can also use surf() to create variable-colored lines.
Using patch() may also be an option, depending on the needs.


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