How do I remove the tick marks on a bar plot at the top and the right?

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L'O.G. le 22 Jan 2023
Commenté : Star Strider le 22 Jan 2023
I can do this by box off but that also removes the lines. How can I keep the lines on the top and the right of the plot, but just remove the ticks there?
EDIT: The data in x is an array of variables of type categorical, which led to an error as indicated in a comment to one of the answers. The following leaves an undesirable gap at the beginning and end at the top of the plot:
Ax = gca;
Ax.Box = 'off';
xlim = get(gca,'xlim');
ylim = get(gca,'ylim');
line([xlim(1) xlim(2)],[ylim(2) ylim(2)])

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Star Strider
Star Strider le 22 Jan 2023
Turn the Box property 'off', then use xline and yline to draw the lines —
Ax = gca;
Ax.Box = 'off';
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L'O.G. le 22 Jan 2023
Thank you! Wonderful.
Star Strider
Star Strider le 22 Jan 2023
As always, my pleasure!

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