Create space between binEdges Historgram

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Mohamed on 19 Feb 2023
Commented: Mohamed on 19 Feb 2023
I'am tryning to creat space between binedges in the histogram below
I wanted to choose the interval and the step of the x-axis knowing that I wanted to present the cumulative values for each value of X
I want to get a histogram like the one below to see esaslyh my data and x values
thanks for your help

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KALYAN ACHARJYA on 19 Feb 2023
hist_counts = histcounts(data);
%............^ change the value as per required result
bar(hist_counts, 0.5);
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Mohamed on 19 Feb 2023
Thank you for answer, it's helpfuel,
If I wanna for example present your histogram with a step of 3
so we will have for 3>>> 3000
9>>>> 2800
and so on, (we cumlate the 1 , 2 and results, to present them directly with on the step 3)
Could you please if it's possible to show me how to do it
thanks you

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