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We have table,Why we use timetable?

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fa wu
fa wu le 23 Juil 2023
Commenté : fa wu le 25 Juil 2023
What is the difficience between the table and timetable?
“timetable is a type of table that associates a time with each row. Like tables, timetables store column-oriented data variables that can have different data types and sizes as long as they have the same number of rows. In addition, timetables provide time-specific functions to align, combine, and perform calculations with timestamped data in one or more timetables.”-----------------I have a table that associates a time with each row. temp is table,The 4th column is the datetime Var(varname is ‘time’),so,I can run this code to find row that date is 2008-01-03
I can sort by time
Is there anything that a timetalb can do, but table cannot? What job must be done using a timetabl instead of a table?
Almost all the functions that tables can use ,timetable can use too. Like:removevars vartype addprop………………

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Paul le 23 Juil 2023
It looks like timetables offer additional functionality helpful for dealing with time histories of data: Timetables
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Paul le 24 Juil 2023
It would be helpful if the Descriptions section of doc page for timetable had a link to the Timetables doc (linked in your comment and my answer), instead of it being buried down in the Tips section.
fa wu
fa wu le 25 Juil 2023
Thank you very much ,It is very helpful!

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