inverse Laplace transform in simulink

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aakash dewangan
aakash dewangan le 31 Juil 2023
Commenté : Jon le 1 Août 2023
I want to take inverse laplace transform in simulink. Can anyone please suggest me any block or any method to do it.
Thank you,
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aakash dewangan
aakash dewangan le 1 Août 2023
please see the file attached below.
I am just taking the inverse laplace transfoem by creating the "MATLAB function" block. The block shows error using command 'ilaplace'. Please help.
Thank you,
Jon le 1 Août 2023
Yes, but I'm wondering why you would be using an inverse Laplace transform in a simulation. If it is problematic (which it seems to be) maybe there is some way of accomplishing what you want to do without needing to do this.If you could explain a little further what you are trying to accomplish, maybe someone could suggest an alternative approach.

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Paul le 1 Août 2023
The Matlab Function block does not support any symbolic operations, as far as I know. I think the best you can do is structure the Matlab Function block like this
function y = fcn(u)
coder.extrinsic('dosymbolic') % dosymbolic.m is on the path
% do some stuff, might have to initialize z so that the code generator
% knows what to expect as output from dosymbolic
% do the symbolic stuff
z = dosymbolic(u) % assumes u is the input to the symbolic calcs. z must be a data type usable in Simulink
y = ...




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