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Setting legend of a plot

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Shahriar Shafin
Shahriar Shafin le 30 Jan 2024
Commenté : Star Strider le 31 Jan 2024
How do I set up a legend like this(two curves one legend then some gap)??
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VBBV le 31 Jan 2024
The plots you show have custom legends.
Try this link available in FEX where you can change the legend layout and behavior as you wanted
Dyuman Joshi
Dyuman Joshi le 31 Jan 2024
Why not plot an empty line along side and use a blank as its legend entry?
x = 0:0.01:10;
plot(x, sin(x))
hold on
xlim([-1 11])
str = ["sin" "cos" "custom" ""];
legend(str, 'NumColumns', 2)

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Star Strider
Star Strider le 30 Jan 2024
Set the original legend to 'Location','NE' and then use:
Also, see Position Multiple Axes in Figure if you have not done so already.
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Shahriar Shafin
Shahriar Shafin le 31 Jan 2024
@Star Strider got it ,thanks a lot.
Star Strider
Star Strider le 31 Jan 2024
As always, my pleasure!

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Image Analyst
Image Analyst le 30 Jan 2024
I think you'd have to build it up manually with the plot and text functions.

VINAYAK LUHA le 30 Jan 2024
Hello Shahriar,
It looks like you want to overlay two sets of axes, with the larger one encompassing the smaller, and include a common legend for both in MATLAB. To accomplish this task, adhere to the following instructions:
  • First, Create an axes called "larger" and add plots to it.
  • Next, define a another axes called "smaller" to be positioned within the "larger" axes.
  • Finally,to create a common legend, plot invisible lines and assign the legends to them.
Here's the MATLAB code for your reference:
x = linspace(1, 10, 100);
y1 = log(x);
y2 = log(x.^2);
y3 = log(x.^3);
y4 = log(x.^4);
larger = axes;
plot(larger, x, y1, 'r-', x, y2, 'b-', x, y3, 'g-', x, y4, 'k-');
hold(larger, 'on');
smaller = axes('Position', [0.2 0.6 0.25 0.25]);
plot(smaller, x, y1, 'r-', x, y2, 'b-', x, y3, 'g-', x, y4, 'k-');
h1 = plot(larger, NaN, NaN, 'r-');
h2 = plot(larger, NaN, NaN, 'b-');
h3 = plot(larger, NaN, NaN, 'g-');
h4 = plot(larger, NaN, NaN, 'k-');
legend(larger, [h1, h2, h3, h4], {'log(x)', 'log(x^2)', 'log(x^3)', 'log(x^4)'});
Hope this helps you to understand how to have a common legend for two nested axes
Vinayak Luha


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