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These 3 codes when run give error

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Sadiq Akbar
Sadiq Akbar le 1 Mai 2024
Commenté : Sadiq Akbar le 4 Mai 2024
I have 3 codes as given in attachment. When I run the "main.m", it gives the following error:
Index in position 1 exceeds array bounds. Index must not exceed 1.
Error in ArGeo (line 17)
cosd(b(2, :)) .* cosd(b(1, :)); % x-component
Error in main>@(b)ArGeo(b,u,Noise)+penaltyTerm(b,u) (line 25)
[time,gBest,gBestScore]=WHO(20,100,lb,ub,dim,@(b) ArGeo(b,u,Noise)+penaltyTerm(b, u));
Error in WHO (line 47)
Error in main (line 25)
[time,gBest,gBestScore]=WHO(20,100,lb,ub,dim,@(b) ArGeo(b,u,Noise)+penaltyTerm(b, u));

Réponse acceptée

Voss le 1 Mai 2024
In WHO.m lines 45-48, you have
for i=1:Nfoal
where dim is 2, and lb and ub are each 1xdim vectors. Thus, group(i).pos is created as a 1xdim vector on line 46, and the error happens after fobj (which is @(b) ArGeo(b,u,Noise)+penaltyTerm(b, u)) is called on line 47, because inside ArGeo.m, input b, which is group(i).pos in WHO.m, is expected to have at least 2 rows:
kb = pi * [
cosd(b(2, :)) .* cosd(b(1, :)); % x-component
sind(b(2, :)) .* cosd(b(1, :)); % y-component
sind(b(1, :)) % z-component
That's the reason for the error.
As far as how to fix it, I suspect that lines 26-29 of WHO.m are not doing what's intended:
if size(ub,1)==1
Since ub and lb are each 1xdim vectors, you are multiplying each element of ub and lb by 1, which leaves them unchanged. Instead, I guess you want to replicate them so that they have exactly 2 rows (not dim rows), which could be done like:
if size(ub,1)==1
Then they are of size 2xdim, which seems like what's intended.
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Voss le 3 Mai 2024
I don't know.
Sadiq Akbar
Sadiq Akbar le 4 Mai 2024
Dear Voss my problem is not solved but looking at your time that you spared for my problem, it's precious, so I accept your answer.

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