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How it is possible to sum these two matrix as a vector?

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Habib on 14 Aug 2015
Commented: Habib on 14 Aug 2015
Hi guys.
I'd like to write summation these two matrix as two vectors that defined as C1 And C2 .For writing a program for it in the matter, I need some help, what must I do?


Lukas Bystricky
Lukas Bystricky on 14 Aug 2015
What exactly are you trying to do? My guess is that given i and j, you want to calculate C1 and C2, it that right?
Habib on 14 Aug 2015
Thanks for your answer.
yes. that's right. My goal is their calculation.
but I think the approach is like below method (I am not sure):
after calculation c1 will be a matrix (but indeed, it is a vector that its components are matrix) that its elements is:
c11=[9i+9i , 9i+13j, 9i+5j, 9i+2j]
c12=[8i+9i , 8i+13j, 8i+5j, 8i+2j]
c44=[2i+14i , 2i-3j, 2i+7j, 2i+10j]
c11, c12 ... c44 are vector and belonging to c1 matrix.
so what is solution?

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Accepted Answer

Lessmann on 14 Aug 2015
If I understand you right, this should do it.
function [C1,C2] = foo(A,B)
C1 = zeros(16,4);
C2 = zeros(16,4);
itc = 1;
for itb = 1:4
for ita = 1:4
C1(itc,:) = A(itb,ita)+B(itb,:);
C2(itc,:) = B(itb,ita)-A(itb,:);
itc = itc+1;

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Habib on 14 Aug 2015
your answer is correct. but its result is not what I want.

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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 14 Aug 2015
Since you have hats on i and j I assume they are column vectors, then your function might very well look something like this
function [C1,C2] = add_transformedvectors(i,j,A,B)
% Fill in help comments
% If ambitious fill in additional argument checks and such
C1 = A*i + B*j;
C2 = B*i - A*j;


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