How to divide and times in matlab

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u-will-neva-no on 11 Dec 2011
Answered: Zahin Akif on 19 Feb 2020
Hey everyone!
Basically im trying to write my fist line of code, in matlab, to the given formula: |G(jw) |= 1/√(R^2+(wL- 1/wC)^2 ) Now, im not sure how to get the 1/wC term as I do not know how to divide in matlab. also, how do I get the ^2? All I want is the general form as an answer. I should be able to get it from there! Thanks!

Accepted Answer

bym on 11 Dec 2011
* % matrix multiply
.* %scalar multiply
/ % matrix divide
./ % scalar divide
^ % exponentiation
.^ % element-by-element exponentiation
so for your equation:

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Paulo Silva
Paulo Silva on 11 Dec 2011
if perhaps you are working with arrays or vectors and you want the operations to be performed element wise you must put a period before the symbols like this:

u-will-neva-no on 12 Dec 2011

Samra Sarwar
Samra Sarwar on 4 Dec 2019
L = 2500
wi = 15
τ = L/wi
Please code this in MATLAB

Zahin Akif
Zahin Akif on 19 Feb 2020
L = 2500
wi = 15
τ = L/wi

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