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about the contour plots

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Prashanth Nayak
Prashanth Nayak le 26 Avr 2016
I want to create a contour map in order to obtain MTPA Control for Interior permanent magnet synchronous motor. I have attached the required contour map here. I could generate circle and ellipse but constant torque line i could not generate. Can somebody please help me how to obtain those lines in contour maps.
Thanking you in advance,
Waiting for help
Regards, Prashanth

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Raghunath Rachabattuni
Raghunath Rachabattuni le 30 Juin 2023
To plot the constant torque contours and also other constraint curves of a PMSM, please refer to the following link.
This page explains about the fundamentals of the curves, and also gives the commands required to plot the curves, for a given speed and torque.


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