Physical connection to Raspberry Pi

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Is it possible to make a physical connection to a raspberry Pi. For example with the Ethernet cable (cross-cable) Or is there maybe a need for a Switch? I can only find the wireless solution.

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Luc Meijer
Luc Meijer on 22 Feb 2018
I think I found my answer. while installing the support package, you get te question shown in the attached image. The website only refers to a wireless connection.
"With MATLAB® Support Package for Raspberry Pi™ Hardware, you can remotely communicate with a Raspberry Pi computer and use it to control peripheral devices."
But is is also possible with a cable.

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Saipraveen on 18 Jun 2019
These videos should help you get started with programming your Raspberry Pi Board with MATLAB or Simulink, They also discuss about the various connections available for interfacing with Raspi.


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