How can i crop a figure

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Amgad Abuwarda
Amgad Abuwarda le 27 Juil 2018
Hello I have a figure as a result of matlab code, it is like a map, large amount of data (lines and points) . but i do not need it all, i need only a part of it, so how can i crop this figure? any suggestions? thanks
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Amgad Abuwarda
Amgad Abuwarda le 27 Juil 2018
how can i know the limits?
N/A le 27 Juil 2018
just look at your values and think about the area that you want to see

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Alex Fratila
Alex Fratila le 27 Juil 2018
To expand on the above answer, in addition to xlim, ylim is also an option, or you can wrap both together with the axis function. Check out this page for examples!

Kelly Kearney
Kelly Kearney le 27 Juil 2018
Just to clarify, when you say "like a map", you don't mean it's a map axis (Mapping Toolbox), do you? Cropping a map axis is much more complicated than just changing the x/y limits in a standard axis.


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