Maximum deviation from line

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Arya Das
Arya Das on 28 Jul 2019
Commented: KALYAN ACHARJYA on 31 Jul 2019
According to the rulebook we will be judged on the accuracy of the path traced with respect to the track laid in the Simulink 3D environment. So what is the maximum permissable deviation or overshoot from the line?
Maitreyee Mordekar
Maitreyee Mordekar on 30 Jul 2019
Hello Walter,
Thanks a lot for the help.
The date on the main page is just indicative of the way the competition is begining. The further details are located on the hyperlinks assocoated with the table in the specific location. For example, this is the one for the Competition in Mainland China:
Thanks a lot again for helping us :)

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Accepted Answer

Maitreyee Mordekar
Maitreyee Mordekar on 30 Jul 2019
Hello Arya,
There is not specific hard deadline on the allowed deviation.
However, since the track is 10 cm wide, any drone deviating more than 10 cm on one direction probably would mean that the drone may not be able to see the track. Rest of the performance comparision would be relative to the performance of the other teams.
I hope this helps.
KALYAN ACHARJYA on 31 Jul 2019
Hmm, this question I have 0% clue.

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