Error using RoboticsPlayground app while running a sample simulation

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Kartik Upadhyay
Kartik Upadhyay on 8 Oct 2019
The error statement: Error evaluating 'InitFcn' callback of block_diagram 'untitled'.
Callback string is 'RPInit
Caused by:
block_diagram does not have a parameter named 'SimMechanicsRigidlyBoundBlock'.
I followed this youtube video to get to know how to use the app and followed the exact steps given in the app because I am a begineer to MATLAB and SIMULINK.

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Answers (3)

Jose Avendano Arbelaez
Jose Avendano Arbelaez on 17 Aug 2020
This error occurs when you copy an environment form the library to a blank model. Here are two solutions:
  1. Click on the arrow in the lower left corner of the environment to look under the mask. (This should update the model properties). Then you can navigate back to the top level of the model.
  2. Start from a provided example instead of creating a model from scratch.
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Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith on 30 May 2021
I recently ran into this error and figured I'd post a screenshot relating to your solution 1, in case any beginners need clarification. The arrow mentioned is circled in red.

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Sebastian Castro
Sebastian Castro on 12 Nov 2019
Do you have a Simscape Multibody license? If you type in
>> ver
in MATLAB, does that toolbox show up?
- Sebastian
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mohan nakum
mohan nakum on 12 May 2020
I have same problem and yes when I type Ver, simscape multibody show up what is solution ?

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Cristina Manuela Peixoto Santos
I have the samer eror. I have simscape multibody licence. I did what Jose Svendano suggests but it did not work out the problem. Can you help me out?

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