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Exporting Favorites (bookmarks) from the Help browser for migration

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Jim le 26 Sep 2012
I'm about to step up from R2010b to R2012b. Last time I did this, all my bookmarks to help browser pages went bye-bye. I've been dredging through my C drive in the hope of finding these saved in some XML file, but that seems a monumental task. Does anyone know how to export & re-import these during migration to a new version?

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Wendy Fullam
Wendy Fullam le 1 Oct 2012
There should be a “shortcuts.xml” file in your prefdir, in which Help browser bookmarks are stored.
Prefdir can be found by typing “prefdir” at the MATLAB command prompt.
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Shahed le 25 Mai 2013
Modifié(e) : Shahed le 23 Juil 2013
That is true you are going to run into the broken link issue if you import Matlab Favorites.
However, you can work around the issue. On how to work around the issue, please refer to the following line: http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/answers/46459-how-to-backup-my-matlab-favorites
Jim le 5 Juin 2013
Thanks for the update, Shahed.

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