One ode, two differential equations

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Raed AL Hassanieh
Raed AL Hassanieh on 31 Jan 2020
I have 2 differential equation that i want to solve in the same ode. I only have the initial value of the first equation and the answer of it will be the initial value of the second differential equation.
Is it possible and how ?
Raed AL Hassanieh
Raed AL Hassanieh on 1 Feb 2020
In addition I need to take the last value of y1 and not all the array as initial value.

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Ioannis Andreou
Ioannis Andreou on 1 Feb 2020
As far as I can tell from your code, the righthanded side of your differential equations is the same. Meaning you have the system
. Thus you can simply only solve y1, the solution of y2 is then y2(t) = y1(t-t1).
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Raed AL Hassanieh
Raed AL Hassanieh on 1 Feb 2020
In the system i'm working on, I entered a Gaussian pulse to a medium that amplifies it from the other side. In this process there will be factors that I should calculate like scattering ...
In order to do that I need to solve the above two equations that you have mantioned in one ode.
Is that possible and how ?!
Thank you in advance for your help :)

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