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i want to generate a sequence of n numbers

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How would i generate a secuence of N amount of numbers starting at -4 and going up in steps of 2?


Matte Rennerts
Matte Rennerts on 9 Mar 2020
Those sequence codes work if i have an end value of the secuence but i need the sequence to contain n amount of elements regardless of the last value
Robert U
Robert U on 9 Mar 2020
Those sequences work with variables as end values as demonstrated in the answer by Benni.

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Accepted Answer

Benjamin Großmann
Benjamin Großmann on 9 Mar 2020
Edited: Benjamin Großmann on 9 Mar 2020
You can create sequences with the colon operator (:), for exapmle
v = [4:2:100];
creates v = [4, 6, 8, ... , 100] with values starting at 4, an increment of 2 and stop value 100.
For N numbers starting at -4 and an increment of 2, you have to calculate the stop value:
N = 10;
start_val = -4;
inc = 2;
stop_val = (N-1)*inc + start_val;
v = [start_val:inc:stop_val];


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