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How can I determine if a script is being run by the codegen -test input parameter?

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I would like to avoid running certain lines of code when runing a script that calls a generated mex file (codegen -test or coder.runTest).
I have a script that builds an entry point function "functionA"
codegen -config cfg functionA -args ARGS -test testScript
And I would like to avoid running certain lines of code within testScript only when running the test with codegen (i.e. in the codegen command or with coder.runTest). Is this possible, and if so how.
My first instinct was'MATLAB'), isdeployed, ismcc, however none of these return a true flag when running in test mode.


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Accepted Answer

Mukund Sankaran
Mukund Sankaran on 31 Mar 2020
As far as I'm aware, coder.runTest and codegen -test do not support this behavior. Can you please let us know more about your use case, so we can consider supporting this in the future ?
As a workaround, you could perhaps set a global variable outside the test bench, and check the value of the global while running the test bench. Say something like this:
% Entry point function foo
function out = foo(a, b)
out = a + b;
% Test bench foo_tb
function foo_tb()
global tbFlag;
if tbFlag
foo(3, 5);
disp('Do Nothing');
% set global tbFlag
function setGlobalTbFlag(value)
global tbFlag;
tbFlag = value;
% build script
codegen -config cfg foo -args {2,3} -test foo_tb


Matt Shellhammer
Matt Shellhammer on 31 Mar 2020
Well in this case, I just am working with a team that likes to add clear;clc;close all; at the top of scripts and they don't want me to remove it. However I want the results from code generation to remain in the command window, so when I'm running the test script from code generation I would like to bypass that line of code.
I'll try this workaround and see if it does the job. I was thinking of doing something like this but I didn't know the best way to implement this workaround.
Mukund Sankaran
Mukund Sankaran on 1 Apr 2020
Thanks for letting us know your use case. Another option you could try, if you'd like to avoid using globals is to use the dbstack function ( inside the testScript which will let you inspect functions in the call stack. That way, you can check if runTest or codegen is in the call stack. Here's an example:
function foo_tb()
usingCoder = false;
st = dbstack();
funcs = {};
if any(strcmpi('runTest', funcs)) || any(strcmpi('codegen', funcs))
usingCoder = true;
if ~usingCoder
clear;clc;close all;
foo(3, 5);

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