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Aerospace engineer, software & Algorithms Developer

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Professional Interests: aerospace, software development, algorithms, control systems, navigation, signal processing, simulations, data analysis, graphic user interface (GUI)


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A soumis

Automatically indent JSON strings, for better readability.

11 jours il y a | 2 téléchargements |


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Format output from jsonencode to make it more human readable
You can use my solution in File Exchange here: With thi...

13 jours il y a | 0

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How can I determine if a script is being run by the codegen -test input parameter?
you can use the function to determine whether it's a mex or matlab.

environ un mois il y a | 0

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Update BOM for Unicode text files
Read and change the Byte Order Mark (BOM) of a unicode file, as other Matlab functions which generate such text files do not add...

environ 4 ans il y a | 2 téléchargements |

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Can fprintf UTF-8 text, but cannot use xmlwrite
Many Matlab functions don't add BOM to the UTF-8 files, although the encoding was set to UTF-8 (I think it's the default). This ...

environ 4 ans il y a | 0

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Create a vector in Simulink
Simulink does not allow you the same freedom as Matlab, in terms of changing the size and type of parameters. There are a few w...

plus de 4 ans il y a | 0

Réponse apportée
Writing MATLAB image to Excel file at a specific position
You can try to use this function I made: XlsPutImage

environ 5 ans il y a | 2

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Put an image file in an Excel chart

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Why do I see "The specified key is not present in this container" error in my installation log file when installing a Support Package?
Before uninstalling any app, look if you have any .mex file with the same name, shadowing an .m file. Delete the .mex and see...

environ 6 ans il y a | 18

Réponse apportée
How to programatically send Update Diagram command to Simulink

presque 7 ans il y a | 4


Generate a clone of an open Simulink model (to create an autosave copy)
One of the drawbacks of Simulink is that it still doesn't have an option of autosave. Unless you update or build your model ...

presque 7 ans il y a | 1 réponse | 0



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How do I modify a GUIDE-generated GUI to accept input arguments?
Here's another hack: Graphic elements have a field called "UserData". You can stote all the inputs in this elemet, and durin...

environ 8 ans il y a | 3


how to find objects with handlevisibility off?
Here's a tricky question - How do I find all the objects with HandleVisibility set to off? get(get(gca,'xlabel'),'Handle...

presque 9 ans il y a | 1 réponse | 0




how to use functions from private directories
While I was trying to improve the performance of Excel file reading and writing, I've noticed that *xlsread* is using some other...

environ 9 ans il y a | 2 réponses | 0



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RemoveSheet123 - remove default Excel sheets
Remove default sheets ("sheet1" ,"sheet2", "sheet3") from an Excel file

environ 9 ans il y a | 1 téléchargement |



Dependency report for a mixed code of Matlab and Simuilink model
I have a Matlab code that calls several Simulink models. There are not a few functions involved, and some .fis files and .mat fi...

environ 9 ans il y a | 1 réponse | 0



A soumis

Remove fields from a structure array, but without causing error

plus de 9 ans il y a | 1 téléchargement |

Réponse apportée
INTERNAL ERROR. Failed assertion in sfdb_breakpoints.c at line 35: (script->bm.breakpoints).length>(unsigned int)(lineNumber-1)
This bug appears also in R2014a, but it is known to Mathworks. It happens because of a hidden breakpoint in an Embedded Matlab ...

plus de 9 ans il y a | 0

A soumis

Find the center of gravity of an array
COG returns the coordinates of the center of gravity, in each dimension.

plus de 9 ans il y a | 3 téléchargements |


A soumis

Ellipse - plot an ellipse according to 3 points
ELLIPSE plots an ellipse, and returns its values using 3 points selected by the user on the figure.

plus de 9 ans il y a | 2 téléchargements |


A soumis

Zero crossing with hysteresis
Find zero crossing of a vector or a matrix with hysteresis thresholds

presque 10 ans il y a | 2 téléchargements |