To store Output of a user defined function in an array

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Suppose I have a user defined function which has only one input "b" and one output argument "e", e.g.
function e=user_defined(b)
global u
u=[1 2 3 4];
%End of the function.
Now if I call this function from a metaheuristic algorithm, say for example Flowe Pollination algorithm and I want to save the values of e , i.e. the o/p of user_defined function in an array A and also I want to pass all the values of e to the Flower Pollination algorithm and store them there in another array B. Then I want to arrange the two arrays A and B in descending order and display them. How can i do that?

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KSSV on 19 Sep 2020
Edited: KSSV on 3 Jan 2022
If you want to call function n times and if function gives one output, to store the output in array:
B = zeros(n,1) ;
for i= 1:n
B(i) = myfunc(inputs) ;

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