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Plot serial date of excel into MATLAB

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Md Mizanur Raihan
Md Mizanur Raihan le 6 Oct 2020
Hi, WOuld you please help me? 1st column represents serial date like year 2001 month 12 and date 16 and second coulm represents height. I would like to run and plot my data in following format:
grid on;
xlim([datenum('1 oct 2010') datenum('1 dec 2010')])
xlabel('Time Series');
ylabel('Tidal heights');
title('Original Data Set (Richard Bay, SA)');
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Sudhakar Shinde
Sudhakar Shinde le 6 Oct 2020
Modifié(e) : Sudhakar Shinde le 6 Oct 2020
What is the error you observed?
You can use date from excel sheet column 1.
x = datetime(data_set(:,1),'ConvertFrom','yyyymmdd');
Md Mizanur Raihan
Md Mizanur Raihan le 6 Oct 2020
It is showing as output

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Star Strider
Star Strider le 6 Oct 2020
The first column is numeric representation of yyyymmdd so there are likely several ways to create a datetime array from it.
Try this:
data_set(:,1) = [20011216; 20011217];
ymdc = compose('%d',data_set(:,1));
ymd = datetime(ymdc, 'InputFormat','yyyyMMdd')
You can put those in one line if you want:
ymd = datetime(compose('%d',data_set(:,1)), 'InputFormat','yyyyMMdd')

Seth Furman
Seth Furman le 22 Oct 2020
Do also prefer using readtable and readtimetable as opposed to xlsread.

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