Matlab (R2013a and R2012b) Documentation is totally broken in Mac os x 10.8.3

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Every time I open the Documentation window either Matlab stop responding immediately or after a while searching some keywords in the documentation window Matlab stops responding again. It's only fixable by force quitting matlab and reopenning it!!
I have lost codes due to this. I really don't get it, how difficult is it to fix such an obvious bug or whatever causes it in Matlab. It was there since R2012b and now that I upgraded to R2013a it's still there! It's so fraustrating that if you hit F1 button by any chance during coding you simply loose everything that's not stored in the backup file!
I first assumed this is my problem, then I asked other friends with similar mac version and they have this problem too. I even upgraded my java to the oracle latest java 1.7 and it didn't help. Seriously! you can't fix this? and you still bother releasing new version???
I can send you the log as well if necessary.
Colin on 18 Dec 2013
R2012b does the same for me, almost every time I open help. R2010b never did. This is on a Macbook with OSX 10.6.8. I can't upgrade to any more Matlab versions after 2012b because of hardware limitations. Access for assistive devices (the bug workaround described in the link below) is disabled and always has been, so no luck there. This seems like a huge bug to me, and I can't believe Mathworks just lets it stand. Does anyone know of any other possible fixes?

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Jason Ross
Jason Ross on 12 Apr 2013
There is a bug report for this, and a workaround:
Just to make things clear, MATLAB Answers is a collection of volunteers who answer questions on their own time and of their own volition, you can always contact Tech Support if you want a direct answer.
Gergely Papp
Gergely Papp on 31 Mar 2015
Downloaded the patch, applied it - nothing happens. It still freezes and crashes.

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