On Simulink how to add_block with output data type boolean?

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For example:
add_block('built-in/Constant','test/const1','Position',[90 20 110 40],'OutDataType','boolean','Value','1');% 0 or 1
Here on simulink shows constant block with output data type = Inherit from 'Constant value' but I need boolean output. How to do it without changing value as true or false?
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Kaustubha Govind
Kaustubha Govind on 14 May 2013
You can see the list of parameters of the Constant block using the following command:
get_param('built-in/Constant', 'DialogParameters')
What is the list of parameters in your version?

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Yao Li
Yao Li on 14 May 2013
Edited: Yao Li on 14 May 2013
add_block('built-in/Constant','test/const1','Position',[90 20 110 40],'OutDataTypeStr','boolean','Value','1');
Yao Li
Yao Li on 14 May 2013
Hi Uugan, I only have 2008b and the above codes also work well with that version. sorry.

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