5G waveform generation with multiple bandwidth parts with in a single carrier

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Sriharsha Korada
Sriharsha Korada on 17 Mar 2021
Answered: Sriharsha Korada on 29 Mar 2021
Using 5G matlab tool box, is it possible to generate multiple bandwidth parts with in a single carrier??
For example how can i use tool box to create 2 bwps parts each with scs of 15khz and 30khz respectively??
Thanks in advance

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Arthi Sathyamurthi
Arthi Sathyamurthi on 22 Mar 2021
To characterize a 5G baseband component carrier waveform for multiple Bandwidth Parts (BWPs) each with their own sub carrier spacing (SCS), define the multiple BWPs as a cell array using the nrWavegenBWPConfig object. The nrWavegenBWPConfig configuration object sets a BWP configuration parameter in a specific SCS carrier.
For more information, you can refer to the “Bandwidth Parts” subsection in the featured example on 5G NR Downlink Vector Waveform Generation.

Sriharsha Korada
Sriharsha Korada on 29 Mar 2021
@Arthi Sathyamurthi Thank you very much for the info.
As per the example, every bwp must have a matching carrier. does that mean in a carrier with specific scs, all the bwp must have the same sub carrier spacing as the carrier scs?
But as per the standard, every bwp can have their own scs in any carrier. In order to implement this is it necessary to define a carrier configuration for every bwp??

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