Getting two components for one frequency in FFT

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I'm getting 2 freq in fft .
But I have signal at 1MHz. Getting peak at 999000 and next is at 1MHz.(other frequencies are also there , 10k, 50k, 500k. For these peak is same as signal frequency.)
Sampling freq is 5MPs.
What is happening at 1MHz ?
Any reason for this?
Please clarify this.
Thank you..
632541 on 21 Apr 2021
Any code alterations needed?
Or other solution?
Please provide your suggestions...

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Accepted Answer

Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 21 Apr 2021
The fft is a circular Fourier transform, there will always be some spectral leakage from frequencies that are not exactly periodic over your data-sample-array. That is what you see here.
Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson on 21 Apr 2021
Code looks OK, share the input signal for more detailed answer.

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