Plotting data excel into matlab

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izyan izzati
izyan izzati le 4 Juil 2013
I have two column in excel I want to plot them by using matlab, lets say I have first column from B2-B702 and second column from C2-C702. Column B is a number (age) while column C is string (tamoxifen / none treatment). I want to plot the age range data based on tamoxifen treatment or not and see the amount of patient based on the age range. How could I plot them in MATLAB ?? please help..

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Guru le 4 Juil 2013
Read in the data into matlab using xlsread, then plot them once they are read into the MATLAB workspace
doc xlsread
doc plot
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izyan izzati
izyan izzati le 10 Juil 2013
hye thank you for the example. I've tried to replace the string with number. It works but in command window only. When I checked at the workspace and click at TAM_TREATMENT it still show NaN. How I want it convert the num directly into my excel file? I'm sorry since this is my first time using matlab. All of it seem new to me. This is what I've typed
A = xlsread ('Data.xlsx')
[A, headertext] = xlsread ('Data.xlsx')
y = headertext(TAM_TREATMENT)
y = headertext(1:end, 12)
y = strrep (y, 'YES', '1')
y= strrep (y, 'NO', '0')
y = str2double(y)
plot (x,y)
??? Error using ==> plot
Vectors must be the same lengths.

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