How to multiply two columns of the same table?

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Hello, I have a set of data with two columns: "Item_price" (column 5) , "Item_cnt_day" (column 6)
I want to multiply these to columns in order to get a new column "revenue":
When I use the operator ".*", I only get the debug result that the operator doesn't work for tables.
This is the codeline I got right now:
df_train.revenue = df_train(:,5).*df_train(:,6)
Eric Sofen
Eric Sofen on 3 May 2021
Parens indexing creates a table of a subset of the data. Curly braces or dot indexing access the contents of a table. These all do the same thing:
df_train.revenue = df_train{:,5}.*df_train{:,6}
df_train.revenue = df_train.(5).*df_train.(6)
df_train.revenue = df_train.Item_price.*df_train.Item_cnt_day

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Accepted Answer

David Fletcher
David Fletcher on 1 May 2021
Use curly brace to extract the column data as matrices
df_train.revenue = table(df_train{:,5}.*df_train{:,6})
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Bengtman on 2 May 2021
Worked well for me without writing "Table" upfront! Thanks for the fast answer :)

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