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How can I make a function plot based on the values listed below?

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Geir on 8 Oct 2013
Answered: Geir on 8 Oct 2013
0.00000000e+000 1.10000000e+001
2.00000000e-001 1.12251709e+001
4.00000000e-001 1.13014028e+001
6.00000000e-001 1.12298588e+001
8.00000000e-001 1.10118247e+001
1.00000000e+000 1.06487213e+001
1.20000000e+000 1.01421188e+001
1.40000000e+000 9.49375271e+000
1.60000000e+000 8.70554093e+000
1.80000000e+000 7.77960311e+000
2.00000000e+000 6.71828183e+000
2.20000000e+000 5.52416602e+000
2.40000000e+000 4.20011692e+000
2.60000000e+000 2.74929667e+000
2.80000000e+000 1.17519997e+000
3.00000000e+000 -5.18310930e-001
3.20000000e+000 -2.32696758e+000
3.40000000e+000 -4.24605261e+000
3.60000000e+000 -6.27035254e+000
3.80000000e+000 -8.39410556e+000
4.00000000e+000 -1.06109439e+001
Column to the left goes for x-values, increasing steadily, column right for y-values.

Answers (3)

Jie on 8 Oct 2013
if ur workspace already have these 2 variables.

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