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Perturbation toolbox to solve DSGE models


Updated 3 Jan 2022

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The CSD toolbox solves Dynamic Stochastic General Equilibrium (DSGE) models using perturbation methods with Matlab. The toolbox is completely based on the CoRRAM-M toolkit (2018 version) developed by Professor Alfred Maussner. CSD is an acronym for Corram Simplified Design, and is written by Sijmen Duineveld. The toolbox can solve limit cycle models using code developed by Dana Galizia.

For more details see the manual of CSD_v02.4.0, which is the latest release: https://github.com/saduineveld/CSD_toolbox/releases/download/v02.4.0/MANUAL_CSD_v02.4.0.pdf

The most recent version of the toolbox is also available at www.saduineveld.com/tools.

Installation of CSD_v02.4.0

  1. Go to the latest release at https://github.com/saduineveld/CSD_toolbox/releases. Download the zip file. Currently the latest version is https://github.com/saduineveld/CSD_toolbox/releases/download/v02.4.0/CSD_v02.4.0.a.zip;
  2. Unpack the zip file in the destination folder. This will add the folder 'CSD_v02.4.0' to the destination folder;
  3. To use the CSD toolbox in Matlab the folder 'CSD_v02.4.0' and the subfolder 'subfun' need to be on the searchpath. You can run examples from the folder CSD_v02.4.0/Examples.

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Sijmen Duineveld (2022). CSD toolbox (https://github.com/saduineveld/CSD_toolbox/releases/tag/v02.4.0), GitHub. Retrieved .

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.
To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.