Tracked Vehicle Model with Simscape™

Model a tracked vehicle driving on uneven surfaces. Model track segments or abstract model with multiple rollers per track.
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Mise à jour 8 avr. 2024
Tracked Vehicle Model with Simscape™
This repository contains models and code to help engineers model and simulate tracked vehicles with chain or belt tracks. A set of examples shows how to assemble segments into a track that will mesh with the sprocket, rollers, and idlers in the vehicle undercarriage. Models of vehicles traveling on multiple wheels are also provided.
  • Fully parameterized models of tracked and multi-axle vehicles
  • Detailed and abstract variants for testing different systems
  • Modular library elements enable assembly of parameterized tracks.
  • Customizable contact force definition enable tracked vehicle models tailored to simulation task.
  • MATLAB enables automation of modeling, simulation, and post-processing tasks.
  • Measure mechanical loads on rollers and other components.
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Open the project file Tracked_Vehicle_Simscape.prj to get started.
Tracked Vehicle Animation Clip