Version 5.18.1 (413 ko) par Tom Davis
Draws lines with directional arrowheads.
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Mise à jour 8 août 2020

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ARROW3(P1,P2) draws lines from P1 to P2 with directional arrowheads. P1 and P2 are either nx2 or nx3 matrices. Each row of P1 is an initial point, and each row of P2 is a terminal point.

ARROW3(P1,P2,S,W,H,IP,ALPHA,BETA) can be used to specify properties of the line, initial point marker, and arrowhead. Type "help arrow3" at the command prompt for more information

What's new in Version 5:

All arrowhead and initial point marker sizes (W, H, and IP) are relative to the PlotBox diagonal.

Version 5 attempts to preserve the appearance of existing axes. In particular, ARROW3 will not change XYZLim, View, or CameraViewAngle. ARROW3 does not, however, support stretch-to-fill scaling. If a particular aspect ratio or variable limit is required, use DASPECT, PBASPECT, AXIS, or XYZLIM commands before calling ARROW3. Users are encouraged to report problems directly to the author.

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address ColorOrder, LineStyleOrder property changes in R2019b


remove deprecated zbuffer renderer


interim fix for 2019b ColorOrder issues; more to follow


do not restore preexisting ColorOrder property


use explicit EdgeColor

use appdata instead of userdata

use appdata instead of userdata

corrected DOCTYPE

improved html appearance in File Exchange viewer

updated html files and added animation example

updated html files and added animation example

corrected spelling errors

revised html files