Easily label pushbuttons with (rotated, vertical, or multi-line) text.
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Mise à jour 12 avr. 2020

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buttonIcon = createButtonLabel(string,PVs,figOpt)
Have you ever been frustrated by an inability to label a vertically oriented pushbutton or uicontrol with a string? This function is for you!

All valid Parameter-Value pairs, INCLUDING TEXT ROTATION, are supported. Note that this function requires the Image Processing Toolbox, and that it triggers the creation of a temporary figure, which will be momentarily visible during button-label creation.

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Brett Shoelson (2024). createButtonLabel(string,varargin) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Récupéré le .

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Créé avec R2014b
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Fixed error due to changes in the way variables are shared in subfunctions.

I have verified readiness for R2014b, and have removed an inadvertent dependence on the Statistics Toolbox.

Now facilitates easy generation of pushbuttons with multiple lines of text. (Thanks to Dave Forstot for the suggestion.)

Now easily facilitates creating pushbuttons with multi-line text. (Thanks to Dave Forstot for the suggestion.)