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Acquire Double Rate Image From Photonfocus(TM) Camera using Image Acquisition Toolbox (TM)

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Acquire & demodulate Double Rate Images from Photonfocus camera using Image Acquisition Toolbox

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Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This is an example of how to use Image Acquisition Toolbox to acquire images from Photonfocus cameras with Double Rate technology. Specifically, this example shows how to use this feature with the DR1-D1312-200-G2-8 camera. For other cameras, the adaptor and the specific camera features (and their values) used may be different.
Read about Image Acquisition Toolbox at:

To use this example you must have Photonfocus PFInstaller already installed. The installer is avalaible at:

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Updated license

Corrected reference to "Photon Focus" to "Photonfocus"

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