Add an ROI toolbar to your figure

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This function adds an ROI toolbar to your figure.
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This function adds an ROI toolbar to your figure.
The ROIs are created using matlab buid-in class imroi.

addRoiToolbar: Add an ROI toolbar to the current figure.
addRoiToolbar(h): Add an ROI toolbar to the figure with a handle h.

Example 1:
load mri;
Example 2 (Multiple images):
load mri;

Now draw some ROIs,and right click on one of them, you will see more functions in a context menu, such as:
* change color
* histogram
* x-y plot
* delete

Thanks to the "draggable" made by Francois Bouffard, you can drag around the textbox of ROI info.

imdisp is a nice tool to display multiple images in one figure, written by Oliver Woodford

see also: imroi, imrect, imellipse, imfreehand, imline.

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Inspiré par : imdisp, ROIRool, draggable

A inspiré : imstack, Enhanced Dicom Viewer

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Add a slider to adjust the number of bins in histogram

Live update for histogram and x-y plot.
Display ROI area in ROI info textbox.
Display distance for line.
Work when there are multiple images in one figure.
Bug fixes.

bug fixes