Embeds a surface plot in 2D view, potentially involving subplots, into a compilable latex-document.
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This function creates a high-quality rendered picture of a Matlab picture in top view (view(2)) and exports it consistently to the tikz/pgfplots framework, resulting in a .tex file which can be directly imported into your document. Axis labels, titles, etc. are handled by LaTex, i.e. they are vector graphics and have a consistent font setting.
surface2tikz is able to handle either a single plot or a group of plots created by the subplot function in Matlab.
The treatment of general views (removing the restriction of the view(2) command) is still under development and will be incorporated in a future release.

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Florian Schneider (2024). surface2tikz(fighandle,filename,varargin) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Récupéré le .

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