Finds, summarizes, and plots (if desired) 2-color colocalization from 3D images.
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This script allows the user to load 3-D TIFF images, such as those derived from confocal or 2-photon microscopy, into the MATLAB workspace for analysis of colocalization between two images in 3-D. It includes a function <getstacks> that is used for loading the images using the Windows file browser via <uigetfile>.

The script defines the colocalization after thresholding the images by computing the logical AND of the two images. Label matrices are used to define "particles," which typifies the signal seen in cell biology immunolabeling experiments.

A number of useful variables are created that describe the particles and their colocalization, including the number, size, intensity, etc. All the output variables are clearly defined by comments in the code.

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Refined, faster version of the same code. Writes a tab-delimited text file containing all the varibales. Multiple runs are appended to the end of the text file.