Composites fibre orientation from one cross section

Computes the 2nd order orientation tensor diagonal from an optical or scanning electron micrograph
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Uses glob to find the first .jpg in the working directory. This .jpg should be a micrograph of a cross section of a fibre reinforced polymer. This script will compute the 2nd order orientation tensor diagonal for a user specified number of layers through the specimen thickness.
Note there are a few options for the user to consider:
Image cropping
Error tolerance for fibre cross sections (should be elliptical)
Number of segments through the thickness (assuming fibre orientation changes through the thickness as one would expect in an injection molded part with a skin/core structure).
Includes an example micrograph of a MuCell specimen with a clearly visible skin-core structure.

Future work: develop a script to compute the full 2nd order and 4th order orientation tensors from two or more images.

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