ParaPIV is a parallel version PIVlab for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) post-processing.
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ParaPIV is a parallel processing tool for Particle Image Velocimetry (PIV) based on PIVlab. It aims to process PIV images efficiently on large scale parallel machines or multi-core computers.

Since PIV takes advantage of image correlations to obtain velocity field, the post-processing is always time-consuming, especially for turbulent flows. Thanks to the distributed computation toolbox of MATLAB and modern advanced computers, ParaPIV is able to calculate ten thousand image frames in minutes or seconds. With a 6 core intel i7 CPU PC, ParaPIV are 38 and 6.7 times faster than PIVlab 1.32 and PIVlab 1.41, respectively.

To activate the parallel computing function, open ParaPIV in MATLAB, click on the Analysis-> Parallel Computing, and select the number of CPU cores to use. Start the parallel pool by click the start button and wait for a few minutes. After the parallel pool is started, click the analyze all frames button as usual and images will be transferred and analyzed on multiple cores. The usage of CPU can be monitored through Task Manager. During the analysis the toolbar will remain grey (not enabled) and the process can not be interrupted since the tasks are processing in different cores.

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Compatible avec les versions R2013a et ultérieures
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Version Publié le Notes de version

This version is based on PIVlab 2.41.


speedup option apart from parallel computing (2-3 times)
Tecplot file export for any frame
improved menu experience
improved system stability


bug fix for vector validation gui
bug fix for main window gui when running the app twice
tecplot file output for turbulence utilities
Gui menu optimization
analysis optimization option (works for both serial and parallel)
Gui for PIV accuracy test


Those who do not have a matlab account can directly download the latest version of ParaPIV on the project website.


GUI bug fix


bug fix and new features
- parallelization of postprocessing (vector validation)
- new utilities for turbulence analysis
- GUI improvement (hide sidebar, frame play, ...)
- display discarded vectors in console
- rename app to ParaPIV
- GUI bug fix ..

Updated user guide
A few bugs fixed

Progress bar for both ParaPIVlab GUI and TUI

Compatible with MATLAB 2013a and after
Serial mode for text user interface (TUI)
Advanced wrapper function for the Matlabpool and recent parpool
A few bugs fixed for GUI

ParaPIVlab in text user interface
Time cost prediction for GUI interface