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MATLAB and Simulink Racing Lounge: Vehicle Modeling

Simulink and Powertrain Blockset models for the Vehicle Modeling series


Updated 20 Jun 2018

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This entry contains files accompanying the MATLAB and Simulink Racing Lounge video "Vehicle Modeling, Part 1: Simulink"
[Video link:]
The entry also contains the models accompanying the MATLAB and Simulink Racing Lounge video "Vehicle Modeling, Part 2: Powertrain Blockset"
[Video Link:]
The Simulink models show how to represent vehicle dynamics and specific components using a power loss approach.
* A glider model shows how to model vehicle dynamics to obtain high level information about tractive force requirements for a given weight and drive cycle.
* A battery electric vehicle (BEV) model shows how to use a power loss approach to represent individual components, such as the electric motor.
* A combustion engine vehicle model is also included for additional reference.

The Powertrain Blockset models show how single blocks can represent component operation, e.g: battery, motor, engine, transmission, differential, etc. These models include a glider, a BEV, and a combustion engine vehicle.

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Hi Yujie, I guess you are referring to the models of the physical modeling tutorial that we are mentioning in the video. Find them here: Hope this is what you are looking for. Best, Christoph

Yujie Hu

battery, motor, engine... models cannot be found in the zip file. Could you add them in? Thank you very much!

Xiaoyu Huang

Hi Deepa Anand,
the drive cycle is stored in the Simulink model workspace.
You may access it through Simulink toolbar -> View -> Model Explorer.
This link provides a bit more background:
Best, Christoph


how I can access the drive cycle stored parameters?

Hi Josh,
good point! The data is accessible through the Simulink model workspace. See here a reference:
Hope that helps.
Best, Christoph

Josh Fleming

Hello, I'm confused how I can access the drive cycle and other similarly stored parameters. For instance, the Constant block contains DrCycles.US06. How do I access and view the data stored in US06? Normally I would look in the Matlab workspace but I don't see it.

said belhadj

salutations, je veux exploiter le modèle de véhicule électrique à batterie (BEV), mais je n'ai pas compris comment ils ont modelisé chaque bloc. est ce qu'il ya un ecrit explicatif de ce modele? merci.
Said Belhadj.

i dont have matlab 2018 latest version. I am using Matlab 2017 b Can you please export this to my version?

Samarth Shah


Thanks for sharing such nice model.
One minor note on engine rotational speed calculation in the conventional model (version 3.0):
inside the driveline subsystem, it is calculating omega by dividing Velocity [mph] by wheel radius [m], the velocity shall be converted from mph to mps before division.

Hi Vasudevan. If you are looking to convert a current model into an older version, we already have an answer on MATLAB Answers:
I would also encourage you to upgrade to the latest release.

I downloaded the models but when I open them, the Canvas interface shows me the next error:
"Failed to load library 'Driver_Glider_Library' "
Can anyone help ?

Hi, is it possible to release the files in an earlier version of MATLAB? Maybe r2015a? Thanks!


how can i run this models with matlab 2016 a version ? it gives me an error because this models were created with different version.

when I run simulation I get errors
Warning: Could not evaluate MaskDisplay commands of block 'PTB_BatteryElectricVehicle/Battery/Datasheet Battery':
Undefined function 'autoicon' for input arguments of type 'char'.

can anyone help??

gökalp ayaz



Update model to R2018 and fixed minor bugs.

Updated models to R2017b and fixed minor bugs.

Added vehicle models that use Powertrain Blockset.
Updated description.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2018a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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