This is an extension of GEplot that adds Labels and Descriptions to points.
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Creates a file in kmz format that can be opened into Google Earth.
GEplot uses the same syntax as the traditional plot function but requires Latitude and Longitude (WGS84) instead of x and y.
GEplotLabelsDesc adds 2 additional arguments with point Labels and Description, so you can add text and values to your graphical object. (see picture of Hurricane Maria trajectory).
% Example:
% GEplotLabelsDesc('my_track',Lat,Lon,names,descs,'o-r','MarkerSize',10,'LineWidth',3)
% GEplotLabelsDesc('my_track',Lat,Lon)
% Example2:
% Lat= [-36.3100 -36.3100];
% Lon= [-69.29681667 -69.29685];
% names ={'PM8', 'PM9'};
% desc ={'This is an interesting point', 'This is another point'};
% GEplotLabelsDesc('my_dots',Lat,Lon,names,desc,'or');

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Added support for multiple lines and multiple polygons. Same as plot, if vectors of coordinates contain NaN values the line is broken into different polygons.