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Rafael Palacios

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Researcher at Instituto de Investigación Tecnológica, and professor at Computer Science Department. ICAI Engineering School Universidad Pontificia Comillas


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Convert UTM to lat lon
I don't understand which column in your 3D array contains X coordinates and which one contains Y coordinates. It sill be about ...

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This is an extension of GEplot that adds Labels and Descriptions to points.

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If you know plot, try GEplot. GEplot uses the same syntax as plot, but draws over Google Earth maps.

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why zero to the power of zero is not NaN?
In Matlab, 0/0 returns NaN. However 0ˆ0 returns 1 instead of NaN.

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Plots a surface coloring by layers (using contour curves)
Creates a surface and applies color by layers. Different elevation levels are clearly identified.

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tdfwrite (export data in Tab delimited format)
The structure returned by tdfread (Statistics tbx) can be stored with tdfwrite.

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Function to convert lat/lon vectors into UTM coordinates (WGS84)

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Function to convert vectors of UTM coordinates into Lat/Lon vectors (WGS84)

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