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MATLAB code for Foreground extraction in dynamic Background

version (5.52 KB) by Abhishek Gupta
This code extract the foreground object using luminance invariant background subtraction method


Updated 02 Nov 2018

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can you provide a sample video with which you have worked? so that i can try with my input video.

This one is due to empty STATS matrix. It might arise due to improper kalman filter parameters for your input video.

Index exceeds matrix dimensions.

Error in extract1 (line 61)

Error in kalmanim (line 29)
[cc,SI(:,:,i+1),BG(:,:,i+1)] = extract1(Imwork,i,Z,frame(:,:,:,i),ctrl,SI(:,:,i),BG(:,:,i));

Error in main (line 83)

can you help me how to resolve this error

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