Image to C/C++ Array Converter

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This program converts a BMP/TIFF/JPG/PNG file to a monochrome image & an embedded C/C++ byte array.
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This program converts a BMP/TIFF/JPG/PNG file to an embedded C/C++ byte array. This is very helpful when you want to display a monochrome image on your display.
It converts your image monochrome before data array generation. The darker colors in the source image will produce 'on' pixels, while the lighter colors will be 'off' pixels.
The code provides an intermediate output of the created monochrome image for your validation. The code also resizes the input image based on the width & height entered before array generation.

1) Enter the width & height of the output image
2) Choose the image for conversion
3) Verify if the monochrome output is satisfactory
4) Click on 'Yes, proceed' to continue with code generation
5) A new file named 'imagedata.cpp' is created in the present working directory with the byte array data.
6) A dialog box indicating the successful conversion with the image converted appears.

Based on the use case you can modify the fprintf statements to reflect your embedded controller or display.

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