scrollsubplot(n,m,p) p<0 and p>nm, Extends subplot to infinite canvas ...
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SCROLLSUBPLOT Create axes in tiled positions.

SCOLLSUBPLOT(m,n,p), breaks the Figure window into
an m-by-n matrix of small axes, selects the p-th axes for the current plot, and returns the axis handle. The axes are counted along the top row of the Figure window, then the second row, etc. For example,

SCROLLSUBPLOT(3,1,-1), PLOT(income)
SCROLLSUBPLOT(3,1,1), PLOT(declared_income)
SCROLLSUBPLOT(3,1,3), PLOT(net_income)
SCROLLSUBPLOT(3,1,4), PLOT(the_little_extra)

plots declared_income on the top third of the window, tax in the middle, and the net_income in the bottom third. Above the top of the figure income is ploted and below the lower edge
the_little_extra is to be found. To navigate there is a slider along the right figure edge.

SCROLLSUBPLOT now also work with less regular subplot-layouts:

axs3(1) = scrollsubplot(3,3,1);
axs3(2) = scrollsubplot(3,3,3);
axs3(3) = scrollsubplot(3,3,[4,7]);
axs3(4) = scrollsubplot(3,3,5);
axs3(5) = scrollsubplot(3,3,[3,6]);
axs3(6) = scrollsubplot(3,3,10);
axs3(7) = scrollsubplot(3,3,[8,9,11,12]);
axs3(8) = scrollsubplot(3,3,[13,14,15);
for i1 = 1:8,
if ishandle(axs3(i1))

The function works well for regular grids where m,n is constant for all p. When m,n varies there is no guaranti that the steps of the slider is nicely adjusted to the sizes of the subplots.

SCROLLSUBPLOT now also works with mouse-wheel scroll.

Differences with SUBPLOT: SCROLLSUBPLOT requires 3 input arguments, no compatibility with subplot(323), no handle as input. Further PERC_OFFSET_L is decreased from 2*0.09 to 0.07
and PERC_OFFSET_R is decreased from 2*0.045 to 0.085. This leaves less space for titles and labels, but give a plaid grid of subplots even outside the visible figure area.

Bug/feature when the slider is shifted from its initial position and then extra subplots is added, they get mis-positioned.


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Inspiré par : Scrolling Plot Demo, Scrolling Figure Demo

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Now handles irregular tiling of subplots, and responds to mouse-wheel scrolling.